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Hello. I am having trouble downloading on this site. The downloads are all very slow. Is it my computer, or are you having a problem? (P.S.) I do not support the war in Iraq. (P.P.S.) Does anyone here speak good english?

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Salut. J'ai quelques soucis pour télécharger sur le site. Les téléchargements sont tous très lents. Est ce mon ordinateur ou bien avez vous des problèmes ?

PS : je ne soutiens pas la guerre en Irak

PPS : y'a-t-il un pilote dans l'avion ? (en fait il demande si quelqu'un sait parler anglais correctement

So hello :P

first of all, don't worry, either you would be a war supporter i would have answered to you.

If you tried to download only N64 roms it is "normal", the provider for this account is upgrading its hardware. If you had problems for other roms, 2 cases : too many people @ same time, the bandwidth is not good between france and US (if U come from there).

Hope you enjoy de website by the way ;)

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Well, there's nothing much to say, so I wrote it short... Why should I write a bloody book for a question that requires only a short answer? ^^ I am not supposed to write something which would give me the Nobel Prize of Litterature (well, anayway, I wish I had such a talent for writing is among the greatest arts, and of course it would be a great honor to have such a reward not to mention about the money... And all the girls would whoop at me... :D Well, I'm not sure whether the word "whoop" is correct but I use it anyway as I don't think anyone will read such a junk of stupidities...:) ), am I?

Anyway, what was I writing about? I don't remember...

So you want me to make an effort in my answer? OK, I'll try to do better.

So the site is slow because :

- as wrote Jedi in a previous post, the provider is shity or has hardware problems

- The US bandwith between France and US is not so good (well I just copied on Jedi for that, too!! I'm a stinking thief!! :D )

- The UK phone lines are really bad (why has the main european server for UO been settled in UK?):[

- as I wrote before, you tried to connect between 19:00 and 20:00 (french time), when there are the most people connected

- because there's a bunch of people on this site right now :)

- because you use a RTC modem, which is rather slow, especially for downloading N64 roms, which are rather big.

- beacause your provider is Wanadoo, which is most unlikely

- because you tried to connect by plugging your computer to your toaster, and it is a miracle you came so far !! ;)

- because, I don't know, I am not the webmaster of this, so everything I wrote above may be totally wrong and/or stupid (check the right answer), which is absolutely not the matter for the purpose of this post is simply to "make an effort" as wrote Seifen Matt in the previous post...

Just to make it a bit longer, we don't care whether you are for or against the war in Iraq. This is not a political site, we just discuss about those old good games which, for some of us, were maybe as important as the lullabies our mother did sing to put us in a deep slumber. Of course, we did write about it as it is some important stuff (maybe more important than most people think) but we won't ostracize anybody who would support the war. I personnally trust that anybody has his own way of thinking and I believe it is to be respected. So, you don't have to justify thyself. And I would add (I just edit this post) that despite the fact that I disagree the US foreign politics and that I dislike Bush, I still love the American people... For me, my "anti-americanism", if it can be called this way, is aimed at the US government politics, not to the US people. It would just be stupid...

In fact, to have people from other country would just be great as it would allow some more different points of view about those oldies and about the tiny world of emulation. Maybe you will tell us about some machine unbeknownst to us and maybe you'll learn from us. And that would b really great...

So, dear unknown guest, I bid you welcome on Emunova!!

-->Seifen Matt : Is it long enough? :D

Or should I add a bit more? ;)

Always look ok the bright side of life!

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