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bonjour a tous!!

voila je viens de prendre la rom"dragon the bruce lee story" sur megadrive et voila je voudrai que vous m'aidiez sur quelques points:

-en effet j'ai vu que lorsque l'on donner plusieur coups que la deuxieme jauge bleu se remplissai et que a un moment il y a ecrit fighter et je voudrai savoir comment parvenir a ces nouveaux coups

-de plus quand la barre est au 3/4 il y a ecrit nunchaku et je voudrai savoir comment le predre et savoir l utiliser.

je vous remerci de votre aide

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Sur Gamefaqs, il y a des explication sur le jeu SuperNes:



Speed kick:


As you figured, you need to be in "fighter" mode to do this. Press the A-

button as quickly as you can. Keep pushing the button until it works. If

you succeed, Bruce lifts his foot and kicks very quickly in the air,

creating a cool attack. It's not so handy, but cool to look at. But if you

push your opponent into a corner and do this, it can be a good attack...


Speed fists:


You need to be in "fighter mode". Press the X-button as many times as you

can and Bruce punches very quickly. Also not a very handy attack but could

be used if the enemy in knocked.


Quick jump-down kick:


Gotta be in "fighter" mode. Do exactly as for the normal jump-down

kick(jump up and press A/B-button). Bruce will kick down against the enemy

real quick in a cool move. A quite handy attack, but not the best one. But

it's pretty difficult to use, since "fighter" mode is so hard to control.

But check it out. Just watch out so the enemy doesn't counterattack...



Strong whip:


Just enter the nunchaku-mode(much shi-energy and mode button+z) and press

B-button. Bruce uses the nunchaku against the enemies. It's real strong but

be careful, if you miss the opponent he might strike back because the move

is really slow and it takes almost a second until you can use the nunchaku

again. And also, you cannot block in this mode. So be careful. The nunchaku

swings around your body, hitting everything around.


Weaker attack:


Enter nunchaku-mode and simply press A-button. Bruce makes an almost

ridiculous move with the nunchaku, but aware, it's dangerous. It maybe

don't seem to be something, but it's strong. If you keep hitting the

opponent like this, he'll pull down quickly. But don't use it too much,

then you get paralyzed after a while, and you cannot move. As always, vary

your attacks and that won't happen.


"Shi"-energy draining:


You can get "Shi"-energy by using the nunchakus. Swing it by pressing the

X-and Y-button between your hands and the Shi-energy will increase slowly.

You can of course use this as an attack, but the others are better. But use

this one to drain some energy.




Bruce can use his nunchaku to choke his opponent. Walk INTO the

opponent(walk forward until you touch him) and then press Y-button(the grey

one up to the left) and Bruce grabs the opponent's head and swing around. A

quite handy attack, but difficult to do since the opponent is likely to not

let you get that near... ( More interested in this move?!? Check the

phantom section, where I tell a little more about it).

I bet there are more techniques to master than those I've written here, but

these are the major and best attacks. I might update the document with more

later on.....

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