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Pour célébrer l'arrivée de la version 1.0 de Winuae, une nouvelle version d'AIAB sort. Il s'agit de la AIAB r10.5.

Faîtes-vous plaisir. :class:

Pour les initiés :

Update Info (version r10.5) 06/06/05

~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

This archive is just an 'extract-over-the-top' package that updates a few

things here and there, and generally improves things in one way or another

- in other words, its what the original archive should have been... but

wasn't quite :class:

Simply extract this zip over the top of an existing AIAB r10/r10a/r10b/r10c

setup and everything should be dandy. I'd also recommend using the 'Update

Icons' script (in the Start Menu) which will correct icon positioning, as

well as add any new programs etc.

File Updates:




C:AddAudioModes ---> 6.0

DEVS:AHI/ ---> 4.4

DEVS:AHI.device ---> 6.2

L:AHI-Handler ---> 6.0

Prefs:AHI ---> 6.0

- Updated, then later adjudged to be unnecessary; consequently removed.

* DEVS:AHI/ ---> 6.0

* DEVS:AHI/ ---> 4.29

* DEVS:Audiomodes/filesave ---> 6.0

* DEVS:Audiomodes/paula ---> 6.0



C:MCP ---> 1.44

C:MCPassigns ---> 1.2

C:PatchControl ---> 2.6

Prefs:MCPPrefs ---> 1.44

LIBS:mcpgfx ---> 3.9

LIBS:mcpsupport2 ---> 6.0

docs/ ---> 1.44

Datatypes: AIAB now includes PNG and GIF datatypes, adding

~~~~~~~~~ usablility for the most popular graphics formats.

CLASSES:Datatypes/akGif ---> 45.27

CLASSES:Datatypes/WarpJPEG ---> 45.4

CLASSES:Datatypes/WarpPNG ---> 45.6

DEVS:Datatypes/GIF ---> 45.27

DEVS:Datatypes/JPEG ---> 45.4

DEVS:Datatypes/PNG ---> 45.1

Docs/ ---> 45.27

Docs/ ---> 45.4

Docs/ ---> 45.6

CLASSES:Datatypes/ilbm ---> 44.26

Scalos: ---> v40.33


C:LoadWB.Scalos ---> 1.6

SCALOS:Scalos ---> 40.33

CLASSES:Datatypes/amigaiconobject ---> 40.6

CLASSES:Datatypes/gowiconobhect ---> 40.2

CLASSES:Datatypes/iconobject ---> 40.14

CLASSES:Datatypes/newiconobject ---> 40.6

CLASSES:Datatypes/pngiconobject ---> 40.12

DEVS:Datatypes/AmigaIconObject ---> 40.33

DEVS:Datatypes/GlowIconObject ---> 40.33

DEVS:Datatypes/NewIconObject ---> 40.33

DEVS:Datatypes/PNGIconObject ---> 40.33

LIBS:iconobject.library ---> 40.4

Prefs/Scalos/FileTypes.prefsplugin ---> 40.8

Prefs/Scalos/Menu.prefsplugin ---> 40.14

Prefs/Scalos/Palette.prefsplugin ---> 40.9

Prefs/Scalos/Pattern.prefsplugin ---> 40.10

Prefs/Scalos/Scalos FileTypes ---> 40.8

Prefs/Scalos/Scalos Menu ---> 40.14

Prefs/Scalos/Scalos Palette ---> 40.9

Prefs/Scalos/Scalos Pattern ---> 40.10

Prefs/Scalos/Scalos Prefs ---> 40.15

- Now Updated menus for new Scalos 40.xx features.

- Fixed 'Open with--->GoldED' entry, which would always guru.

- Added some AIAB logo iCandy to Scalos.

- Added 'NOWAIT' argument to 'c:loadwb.scalos' line in startup-sequence.

VisualPrefs now sets pens/palette correctly when Scalos screen opens.

- Enabled TrueType font rendering for icon text - a real memory killer!

- Increased default spacing for text/icons, improving 'cleanup' appearance.

AIAB-OS4 Theme: AIAB now sports a modern VP/Birdie theme; based on

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AmigsOS4, with some elements redesigned from scratch.

Big thanks to Bernd Gollesch for his assistance.

C:Birdie ---> 1.5 ('2000' version is unnecessary)

Prefs/.../AIAB-OS4-Images/* ---> 1.0 (hand-painted!)

S:JIT-Startup ---> 2.0

- ENVARC:TitleShadow.prefs enabled 'Birdie Mode', disabled inactive shadow.

- Added Birdie checking in s:JIT-Startup, preventing VisualPrefs issues.

PNG Icons: Accompanying the new VP theme, whilst providing a splendid

~~~~~~~~~ example of Scalos' ongoing improvements, AIAB now offers

PNG icon functionality; beautifully demonstrated by Damir

Sijakovic's, 'Cat_i' iconset. Massive thankyou to 'd980'!

- Added PNG icon functionality, updating 'Set Iconset' scripts according.

- 'Cat_i' PNG icons have been manually tweaked; scaled to 85% and resaved

using PNGout compression, minimising filesize and possibly improving speed.

- Removed 'Cancel' option from 'Set Iconset' requestor shown at AIAB Setup;

it wouldn't be terribly wise to overlook installing icons...

- Added workaround for Scalos'PNG icon bugs/issues:

* --> converted to NewIcon; tooltype parsing fixed.

* --> converted to NewIcon; tooltype parsing fixed.

* --> 'Start from' changed to 'Shell'; program opens.

* --> 'Start from' changed to 'Shell'; program opens.

TTEngine: Further improving the standard UI, AIAB now utilises TrueType

~~~~~~~~ font rendering for icon text labels. Extra typefaces can be

installed by using the 'TTEmanager' preferences programme.

LIBS:ttengine.library ---> 7.1

Prefs/TTEManager ---> 1.2

FONTS:_TTF/*.ttf ---> n/a

- 'TraditionellSans-Bold.ttf' has been slightly modified (v1.1) from the original

freeware typeface by Manfred Klein, to improve icon text appearance and kerning.

AmiStart: The rather splendid 'AmiStart' start-menu program has been added

~~~~~~~~ to the setup, thus rounding-off the visual improvements to AIAB.

This fine tool from Darius Brewka offers extensive configurability

options, documented online at: .

SYS:Tools/Amistart/*.* ---> Images by 'd980' and myself

SYS:WBStartup/AmiStart ---> 0.65

- Functionality to select preferred start-menu program ('AmiStart' / 'ScreenTab').

- Boosted WinUAE system memory size for added stability (see information below).



MUI:libs/mui/BetterString.mcc ---> 11.6

MUI:libs/mui/BetterString.mcp ---> 11.3

MUI:libs/mui/HotKeyString.mcc ---> 12.1

MUI:libs/mui/NFloattext.mcc ---> 19.51

MUI:libs/mui/NList.mcc ---> 20.115

MUI:libs/mui/NListtree.mcc ---> 18.22

MUI:libs/mui/NListtree.mcp ---> 18.10

MUI:libs/mui/NListview.mcc ---> 19.70

MUI:libs/mui/NListview.mcp ---> 19.66

MUI:libs/mui/Popplaceholder.mcc ---> 15.5

MUI:libs/mui/Textinput.mcc ---> 29.3

MUI:libs/mui/Textinput.mcp ---> 29.3

MUI:libs/mui/TextinputScroll.mcc---> 29.3

MUI:libs/mui/Urltext.mcc ---> 19.7

MUI:libs/mui/Urltext.mcp ---> 19.7

- Removed MagicWB.mcp/FontDisplay.mcp compatibility duplicates, as

they are unnecessary thanks to WinUAE's filesystem improvements.

- Added workaround for possible NTFS filesystem issues preventing

the idiosyncratically named '«Global».prefs' from being used. Now

the file is extracted during the 'AIAB Setup' process.



c:DIC ---> 1.0

c:Patcher ---> 1.06

C:RawDIC ---> 1.7

c:WHDload ---> 16.4



C:MCPcachefontlist ---> 0.1b

C:SnoopDos ---> 3.8

SYS:system/scout ---> 3.4

LIBS:identify.library ---> 37.1

LIBS:vapor_toolkit.library ---> 15.12

LIBS:Picasso96/rtg.library ---> 40.3993

CLASSES:images/titlebar.image ---> 40.15

Misc. Tweaks:


- MCPcachefontlist coded on request by Dieter Groppé (thanks!), is run

automatically at startup to ensure the fontcache is always up-to-date.

- Reverted back to the original, non-optimised muimaster.library after

reports that it can cause incompatibility. MUI programs may 'feel'

slower as a result.

- Increased SYS:System/ icon stack size to 16000.

- Added updated/optimised 'rtg.library' from Bernd Roesch

- Removed 'DEVS:Monitors/' as it is unnecessary.

- Removed '' as it is unnecessary.

- MagicMenu now uses the 'Gap' method to render separator bars.

- Native AHI support is working again since WinUAE 0.8.22!

- Moved l:env-handler to c: & modified startup scripts accordingly.

- Tweaked a few more MCP settings; enabled solid window moving/sizing;

disabled screen dimmer/blanker.

- Removed C:Visage and all its references (def_icons, DOPUS etc.) as

viewing images using Multiview/Datatypes is arguably preferable.

- Added 'stack 32000' line to 'S:startup-sequence' to help VisualPrefs

related stack overflow lockups when (re)opening Workbench screen

(e.g. changing resolutions). Thanks to Bernd Roesch for the tip.

- Commented out 'wait 1' line in 'S:aiab-startup', initially added for

RexxMast startup compatibility, but seemingly unnecessary now...

- Switched to 'zDir' for the default 'Dir' command; various reasons.

- S:Shell-Startup tweaked; shell windows now use a black background.

- Remade default.uae WinUAE configuration file using WinUAE v1.0.

Given the UI improvements, I've decided to bump-up the specs of the

emulated Amiga a little - take a look at the FAQ for more information.

- SysSpeed benchmark module using WinUAE v1.0 and default.uae settings.

- Updated older GlowIcons/ProLite iconsets, adding missing icons etc.

- Added a 'Open Folder' button to DirectoryOpus for...opening folders.

- Bumped version number up to 'r10.5'.


Thats it - cya!

James Maurice Battle

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merci wanted9fr ,c'est sympa pour l'info.J'ai une version de AIAB et j'espere que l'Update de cette version va bien se passer .En ce moment le monde de l'emulation Amiga bouge a grande vitesse ,c'est bien . AmigaSys,AmiphoneX,Pack de Titan ,AIAB , ma partition Miga va exploser. :P

Modifié par ness62
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J'ai installé WinUAE 1.0, j'ai installé un veille version de AIAB, j'ai remplacé les fichiers par la nouvelle version, je charge la configuration... Ecran AmigaDOS :D

Pis en plus j'aime pas l'interface de WinUAE, préfere celle qui a dans l'tuto de Sig

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Un grand merci à toi Wanted9fr pour l'info!! :)

Pour Yahiko :

Simply extract this zip over the top of an existing AIAB r10/r10a/r10b/r10c

setup and everything should be dandy.  I'd also recommend using the 'Update

Icons' script (in the Start Menu) which will correct icon positioning, as

well as add any new programs etc.


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Un grand merci à toi Wanted9fr pour l'info!!  :)

Pour Yahiko :

Simply extract this zip over the top of an existing AIAB r10/r10a/r10b/r10c

setup and everything should be dandy.  I'd also recommend using the 'Update

Icons' script (in the Start Menu) which will correct icon positioning, as

well as add any new programs etc.


Yes but that for uptate, and not installation, and if you decompress the archive, you seen just configuration file, virtual hard drive and other files, but not an executable ;)

(Oui mais ca c'est pour la mise a jour, pas l'installation, et si tu décompresse l'archive, tu verra juste le fichier de configuration, le disque dur virtuel et autre fichiers, pas d'executable)

Applaudissez mon anglais exécrable ;)

Je verrai ca plus sérieusement demain :lol:

Modifié par Yahiko012000
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Vouala je vien de tester, c'est vraiment pas mal, très joli mais aussi super lent.

En fait si je réussisai pas c'est qu'il fallai mettre la disquette d'un workbench, j'ai donc mit le 3.1. Après l'installation on choisit le clavier (english ou US), si on utilise la roulette, le theme (j'ai choisi Amiga OS4) et quelques autres petits trucs.

P'tit screen maison :class: :

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