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Project64K7E (Update March 2012)

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Project64K7E (Update March 2012)

désolé je ne peux pas parler français, mais j'espère que je peux parler anglais, que ma langue maternelle est l'espagnol, j'espère que vous comprenez...


Welcome, it's been a while since the last updated of the emulator, as there have been recent updates from some plugins, clients, RDB, etc... i also wanted to make my update of Project64K7E.

These are the Changes:

- Fixed: Fixed some PSA cheats just to avoid Freeze, some PSA cheat were deleted because they had no solution.

- Fixed: It was discovered another cause of ds, Buffer Vsync, so if you want to play in Fullscreen, you can do, but by default, and by default it will have to be with Transfer Memory to prevent desynchronizations.

- Fixed: Fixed the Casual Image Freeze.

- Updated: Added NRage Input Plugin v2.3 Final. This fixes some important bugs from 2.2 Bet. Thanks to squall-Leonhart.

- Updated: Added the n02 to release 18, Thanks to Ownasaurus.

- Improved: Removed the error when trying to read Krecs, as the sole cause of this is when there is no such folder.

- Added: Added a .Reg file to enable cheats type "Have All", something that is important and useful for newbies.

- Added: Added to the RDX some symbols of "Good Verif.Dump" in GoodName.

- Disabled the option NRage RAWDATA of NRage's 2.3 to avoid problems in Netplay.


I did not wanted to make public the Previous versions in the Blog nor forums because i made few changes, but here i show them.

Update K7E 1.3.0 b2 - 24/08/2011 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Added some Importantes Comentaries on CHT about NetPlay stabilities

- Added OoT Cheats multiplayer

- Added 3 more games Support

- Added NetPlay Input Plugin 0.2 (alternative P2P NetPlay)

- Changed Audio Plugin by Azimers 0.30

Update K7E 1.3.0 b1 - 15/6/2011 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Added some Importantes Comentaries on CHT about NetPlay stabilities

- Added support for 3 more games

- Added NetPlay Input Plugin 0.13 (alternative P2P NetPlay)

- Deleted Jabo D3D8 1.7, not stable build for 1.4


i Leave My Blog if you wanna visit it, to see previous versions and see help stuff.

My Blog:

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