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Hi ! Pleased to see that Emunova begins to be knew all over the world... :D

Project64 got a problem with that game, that's written in the main window of the emulator.

So i don't think that changing your plugin will improve something.... ^^

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Yoshi's Story is reported to be supported in Project64 1.5 on the official online FAQ. However, the writer says he hadn't time to test the game deeply.

The project64.rdb file reports however that the game has some poor video rendering speed.

First of all, you should check you rom with GoodN64. It can be found on the PJ64 support site. The soft will tell you whether your rom has a correct CRC or not (aka it is a good or a bad one).

Eventually, it may give you some extras infos between brackets, such as |h1| or |a|... etc... Roms with the |b1|, |b2|... comment are reported to be bad dumps and should be avoided at all costs. If your rom has a |Bx| (where x is a number) comment, you should download a good dump of the game. Also |h| marked roms are known to be hacked (modified) and may therefore be unstables...

If the rom is OK, make sure you've installed the Service Pack for PJ64, which is avalaible in the download section of the official PJ64 website. Also, check that cheats are disabled (if you never used them, they shoud be disabled). This can be found in the "System" menu...

Finally, you may try another video plug-in. Personnally, I use Jabo's Direct3D 7.0 which is the best for me. However, plug-ins rendering depends on the graphic card, so that suitable plug-ins are not the same for every users...

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Right enough, RoM... Jabo's Direct3D is provided with Project64, but I think it is the default plug-in. It's the best for me, as I've written before.

You may also try Rice Deadalus Video plug-in or Jabo's OpenGL...

You can find both of them on Emu-France

You should also check that you've got DirectX 6 or more and also that you've got the lastest drivers avalilable for your graphic card. What are the specs of your PC? Espacially, what's your graphic card model?

How was identified your rom by Good? Write the full title with comments between brackets. It may help solving your problem.

Also, try to switch all settings to default...

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There is a new plugin who is enough powerfull. At home, this is the plugin who emulates the more games, but I haven't try with Yoshi's Story.

This is "glN64 v0.4.1 Fr" (the english version exists certainly).

Sorry, I don't speak very well.

EDIT: I have try this Plugin with Yoshi's Story, and this is a real disaster.

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Invité WaRLoRd

Hehehehe i have Downloaded a new Project64 1.5 emulator the Project64 1.5

Beta 1 Does not Run Yoshi's Story The Project64 1.5 does run it Hey Thnx for your guys help ill come and fisite this forum allot ey bye see you around! :rolleyes:

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