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A Poor Little Brazillian


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Hiya, i'm a poor little brazillian. I'm 15 years old, and i can't write english so well.

I have born with an emulation spirit, i will emulate (does this verb exists?) ever and ever ;_;

Brazillian emulation sites are ridiculous. North amercian sites have some information, but their porn banners pisses me off.. i get nervous and give up the search for roms.

But recently i have discovered the french sites.. they are marvelous. Specially this.. Emunova is.. brilliant.. and.. yellow.. ;_; I LOVE EMUNOVA.. Thanks for you french people.. I LOVE FRANCE. (please pardon my language, dont forget im a poor little brazillian ;_:lol:

Portuguese version

Olá, eu sou um pobre pequeno brasileiro. Eu tenho 15 anos de idade, e eu não consigo escrever inglês muito bem. Eu nasci com um espírito de emulação, eu emularei (esse verbo existe?) para todo e todo o sempre ;_; Os sites brasileiros de emulaçã são ridículos. Os sites norte-americanos têm alguma informação, mas os banners de sexo deles me enervam.. eu fico nervoso e desisto da minha busca de roms. Mas recentemente eu descobri os sites franceses.. eles são maravilhosos. Especialmente este.. Emunova é.. brilhante.. e.. amarelo.. ;_; EU AMO EMUNOVA.. Obrigado à vós, povo francês.. EU AMO A FRANÇA. (por favor perdoe minha linguagem, não se esqueça que eu sou um pobre pequeno brasileiro ;_:D

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We are now international references :lol:

I don't think american websites are ALL sticky by porn ad, I regularly go on them because they really have information before everybody (we translate it for our news). The emulation there is much more hardware oriented than in France. At least, i think we are more interested in the video game in general (so the software) than in the hardware.

Actually, all good sites for GP32 are english native (so not automatically american) and french scene is often poor at this state.

When we launched Emu Nova, nearly one year beforce, we tried to do better, different and with helpfulness. So if you are pleased, even if you are not french, it means we have reached our goal ... not totaly because we always have to do better ;)

I guess you use a translator to understand french sites no ?

Well, in order to finish, i don't know anything about brazilian scene of emulation but i can assure you have more freedom than here (legaly speaking). I guess police never come @ your door to check your hard drive for roms or emulators.

By the way, on Freedo's forums (3DO emulator), i saw many brazilian ... so let's hope ;)

Enjoy here, everyone (with good will) is welcome ;)

pS : your poor english is very good however :D

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Hi Spuma, and welcome to Emu Nova! ;)

Thanks a lot for your compliments! ;) As Jedi already wrote, we do our best to provide the most useful infos and files about emulation and are trying to do better (and there's much to do :P ) so your positive reactions are more than appreciated.

I agree with Jedi that French people are generally more interested in the games than in the machine itself. Its seems like they want to find anew the feelings they got from the games they played years ago, no matter the machine.

About the American scene, are you sure you didn't visit warez website? The emulation world is generally trying to separate itself from the warez scene, and often refuse porn banners. However, there are many american sites forcing people to vote for them before enabling downloads, which is effectively very frustrating!

I remember having visited some great brazilian websites, especially one providing some great actuality and thousands of roms (sorry I didn't keep the URLs ;) ). And brazilian posts on Amiga & N64 forums are not so rare. So I found the brazilian emulation world not so tiny! Anyway, emulation in Brazil will certainly develop, it is only a matter of fact! And you still have the sea, bossa nova and Gilberto Gil!! :) (and also Sepultura, in another kind of music! :lol: )

PS to Jedi : Now that we are an international website, Jedi, you will have to code a module able to translate ALL the site (I mean, the site itself and the posts in the forums) automatically!! :D C'mon Jedi, that ain't that hard and as you're on holiday, you must get bored, don't ya?? :D

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