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Sur le forum officiel de RockNES, un très joli émulateur NES, Fx3 nous annonce qu'après une année très chargée, il a enfin du temps pour lui. Il va donc revenir sur le travail de son émulateur et on peut espérer une nouvelle version d'ici peu.

- I was very busy making movies to my school, to celebrate a few things and to finish 2005 with style. Now, I'm back to RockNES. Unfortunately, I had to delay the release up to Xmas night. There's a few PPU issues detected by the recent release of test ROMs by blargg of NESdev. Other than that, the requested things (mouse, command line etc.) must be implemented yet...

Voir: le forum RockNES.

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  • 2 semaines après...

Encore des nouvelles de cet émulateurs NES. Ca avance petit à petit, mais ça avance. Pour le moment, l'auteur n'en est qu'à la phase de test. Il travail sur le PPU et seulement 2 tests sur 7 sont OK. Y'a encore du boulot, pourtant l'auteur est optimiste sur l'optimisation du rendu du PPU.

Sujet du Wip 01 03 2006.

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  • 4 semaines après...

La version 5 de RockNES arrive bientôt, théoriquement demain. Sur le forum de RockNES, FX3 nous dit:

No matter the emulation accuracy state, the 5.0 version is scheduled to this friday; all the issues/problems posted up to that day might be solved.
Voir le sujtet Release date.

Et sur la page d'accueil du site officiel, on peut lire :

RockNES/Win32 v5.00 coming soon!
Voir le site officiel.

Avec tout ça, si ce n'est pas clair.

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Je continue mon monologue.

Finalement vendredi, il n'y a pas eu de nouvelle version de RockNES. L'auteur a décidé de retarder sa sortie, car il y avait encore trop de problème d'émulation. Cela était sûrement dû à un problème idiot au niveau du noyau PPU.

RockNES News

After a few tests, I decided to delay the release. There are ppu glitches, no clue what's up... but I'm tracing it. It's worth the delay.
- I'm debugging it like crazy. It took a lot of time to figure a stupid bug in my PPU core, due to a recent rewrite. Sometimes, I don't see anything that's right in front of me... Very Happy Best of lucky to this saturday
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Et bien, ça bouge beaucoup du côté de cet émulateur NES. Ca ce voit que l'auteur est en retard sur la date annoncée de sa prochaine version.

5 février 2006

- After a hard work of tracing & debugging logs, all VBlank/NMI tests have passed OK. Yes, I replay the APU tests too... and they passed OK. Preliminary tests indicate that Battletoads is playable in the vertical tunnel stage (missing its name), no more hanging the emulation.

- What's left is a sprite fix, regarding fetching sprites #0 and #1 data. Once it's done, so a release might pop up. As quick note, I didn't add mouse or command line support yet... but they will anyways.

- You will have a solid and fast emulator. The previous version was overloaded, making it very slow... There's still a quirk on audio/video sync due to Allegro limitations OR unclear answers from its coders. Neutral I might bring some benchmark results later, to avail the emu speed.

- I never had a funny exercise like this PPU fix. Very cool, indeed. ^_^;;

6 février 2006
- I did the sprites behaviour fix. There are a few quirks left, but it would require a more detailed logging... to the next release. ^_^;; Anyway, I'm very happy with the current state of RockNES emulation. Version 5.0 means a breakthrough - just play it and tell me. From this point, things becore cleaner and easier.

-The release might happen today. If not, tomorrow. I'm unsure about the command line behaviour though... The mouse acting as controller is a nice idea too - trying to add it tonite.

- Ah, yes... the mappers. Well, the main problem lies on IRQ timing... on MMC3 mainly (mapper 4). I won't promise any fixes for now, but I'll take a look on every emulated mapper.

- It's been 1 year since the last release to public. Cya!

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Non mais, vous croyez pas vous en tirer comme ça. Y'a encore plein de WIP de signaler le forum de ROCKNES. Ca vient, ça vient. Fx3 se décarcasse, mais à chaque fois qu'il avance, il trouve d'autre problèmes:

6 février 2006


- For some reason, Battletoads still hangs during the Impact Crater stage. Guess I was very lucky to get through this stage without hanging...? o.O

- Added a partial fix to 2004h read behaviour. It fixes the annoying flickering in Micro Machines. There's an annoyance left: 1 sprite isn't being displayed (the rectangle to select a player misses the upper right corner, plus a missing sprite during the CodeMasters logo).

- Cobra Triangle hangs on gameplay start, but NOT if you press F5 to reset and restart it. Odd... o.O

- Again, about the Battletoads problem, I'll test the emu using a PPU backup I have here. Maybe I changed something accidentally. ^_^;;

- More news later...


- The recent sprites behaviour fix has a problem. It glitches a few games. Not sure if related with Battletoads hanging, but might be. Investigating it...


- Damn it. There's a problem with the soft reset, of not working properly with a few games... Also, a strange timing problem already reported here regarding Cobra Triangle. Weird.

7 février 20060
3:57 AM (!)

- Fixed PPU RESET problem with a few games (NMI wasn't being disabled).

- Removed a few junks and fixed an IRQ sign flag (internal use).

* Pretty nice. More later, as usual... ^_^;;

Forum RockNES.

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