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    Ninja Gaiden
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    I cuts has X-box and has Gamecube. I will list da games in A later date drank. Does Also I cut has collection of psx isos too, which I will list that one has later date okay?

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  1. Hmmm...It might be a problem with your download...It might be corrupted try re downloading it again... :'(
  2. That is totally weird that never happen to me once. Only when i tried playing Metal Slug 4 or 5 on da emulator and it said that but that was way back. I think it was metal slug 3 not 4.
  3. thankz Jedi, but do know the other emulators? I'm just trying to um...make a active news and link about it.
  4. I found out that Nintendo DS Emulation is coming.... I have a link with some info i hope this news helps. Nintendo DS Emulation
  5. Yuri102006


    I think i have those bios with in a zip of a old epsxe but i'm willing to donate it to this website. But i just don't know how to yet but if someone could help i would glad to donate it.
  6. Yuri102006

    Chrono Cross

    Tell me what is da problem i will try to help okay?
  7. Yes it does work on Magine Engine but Hu-go is just too complicated to get it working. Trust me okay?
  8. Thankz I will check out those sites soon as i can.
  9. I'm just wondering where do u guys download abandonware because this site has some kewl abandonware stuff that i would like to get my hands on. Thanks a bunch.
  10. For some strange reason when i burn it keeps on turning da iso into a music file that wasn't suppose to happen, but finally a friend changed it to a ccd file and then it finally burned. Talk about silly huh?
  11. I did read and it finally work after 10 failed attemps but thanks for making da iso.
  12. I really need some help with it because i been trying all day and it seems like cue file isn't being like by my computer. It doesn't want to burn or something can anyone help me?
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