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  1. Can't load it ATM....up&down ... I guess... Will try later.... Thanks...Ciao
  2. Hi there, Square..... Thanks indeed for the file....very kind of usual... By the way... any news about RS forum...?! Ciao Cicca
  3. Hi guys, trying to unrar, I just noticed one of the files is corrupted: [iSO-FLAC] Ys III - Wanderers from Ys (U).part11.rar If anyone still has it, could he pls let me have it in any way...?! A few alternatives are good for me: - I could come and get it from any FTP / web space you'd upload to; - I could provide some FTP space on a server; - You could split in 2 or 3 and send to (max attach size should be 10 MB); - You could upload it to Streamload, account name 'cicca'; I thank you in advance very much for any help..... Ciao Cicca
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