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  1. It appeard that Robin Hood does in fact not exist as a french version even though the gameboy edition does. Strange but well...This means that every known french language cart has been dumped now. F-15 Strike Eagle, Duck Tales 2 and Kirby have been dumped by Efnes. I'd leave Robin Hood in the list with a (?) but everyone in france appears to own the german edition. Odd. Any news about dumping Duck Tales 2 (G) btw? If you are too busy you may also send it to efnes. Robin Hood (S) can also be dropped from the list it seems. On bootgod's page it appeared out of nowhere. Someone dumped it but I don't know who. Miracle Piano (G) and Prince of Persia (G) are dumped too I think but unreleased yet (will be soon). Can be removed.
  2. I use the TV-antenna plug and I don't get it to work with it
  3. Hello again. I'd like to wait my MM cart back before sending Duck Tales (it's not dumpable at the moment anyway). Any news about it from jeandubois? Btw I tried the game out in my NES but with my new TV-set I couldn't find the right channel for NES. Any hint how to find it? hydr0x has done a possibly complete PAL undumped list btw. I'll post it when I find it again on my hd
  4. I received Duck Tales 2. Actually it was supposed to be shipped to you directly Will be sent soon. The game label says NES-DL-NOE/FRG - backlabel "07" (v0) (btw Cowering needs the backlabel too from now on for next goodnes so always make some notes - PRG/CHR info are welcome too of course) I'll maybe try it out at the weekend to make sure everything is fine.
  5. The german one (if you still have things to do with it you may keep it longer if you wish) I don't know if x... wants the italian one back. He has no NES I ask him.
  6. Great purchase indeed. It is actually funny because I just made a list with missing dumps and I realized we did not have this one. Many unlicensed games used some unusual mappers so dumping it might be pretty difficult. If all fails cah4e3 might help though
  7. Wow do you own the game? It is the (yet undumped) PAL-release of "Quattro Adventure" by Camerica. As most US-games from Camerica the game was published by Codemasters in europe. They called the game Super Adventure Quest here. At least on the box.
  8. Can you please update the undumped list again - it seems that Monopoly (G) vanished from the list at some point. I don't have the serial code but I have proof in form of pics in an old mag. And Hunt for Red October (F) can also be removed. The dump you made was bad but it was english only. Apart from this it is perfect now I'll let you know if I find more games.
  9. BigFred

    [fr]Nouvelles aquisitions

    I didn't know there was a PAL-plug thru of this one. It would be undumped though probably even a different rom-image then the one I showed you. It says Codemasters so it is probably the multi3-version too. *edit* The box on NESworld looks like the one above but I'm not sure after reading the text of which version the plug-cart contains. Possibly undumped but I'm not sure if multi3 *edit again* There is no dump of this in goodnes - it is undumped.
  10. BigFred

    [fr]Nouvelles aquisitions

    This is a "Plug-Thru" cart. I think you have to put another cart in it to get it to work.
  11. BigFred

    [fr]Nouvelles aquisitions

    I have no info about "The Mad Dumper". But all his dumps will be posted on cah4e3's (russian dumper - grab his nice new FCEUltra-builds to play the Sachen-dumps) page for sure. He's pretty much working in the background and has dumped some Sachen games and other hard to find stuff before. I don't assume he deals with PAL-games so don't worry.
  12. BigFred

    [fr]Nouvelles aquisitions

    The list can be fixed in the following way: Add: Duck Tales 2 (G) NES-DL-NOE/FRG Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (PAL) (Eng-Fre-ger) (Unl) - image attached Prince of Persia (S) NES-PA-ESP/ESP Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (F) - not confirmed but it is very likely to be translated. Add a "?" to this Remove: Jungle Book, The (S) - no translated version exists to my knowledge Millionaire (Unl) - dumped by Mad Dumper recently Pizza Panic - never released. Only the japanese version Pizza Pop exists Rey Leon, El (S) - also not translated to my knowledge Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 2: The Arcade Game (E) - dumped (by merp?) you don't have to deal with Sachen releases anyway - Mad Dumper seems to be able to gather them all (some missing dumps will be released soon):
  13. BigFred

    [fr]Nouvelles aquisitions

    Depending on the country the final 3-letter code varies. Normally the dumps are still identical. If a game is translated it has an additional /FRA /FRG etc. Swords & Serpents seems to be a strange exception though (the only one I know so far). Or does the package have a different serial somewhere than the cart (happens sometimes)? Duck Tales was me and I meant Part 2 as written above too. Duck Tales 1 is not translated in any other language. See post 34 here: Duck Tales 2 seems to be a lot rarer btw for some reason Too bad this "wrong" purchase because of a tiny number
  14. Thank you! Are you able to dump all these games you mentioned? Seems you got a v1.0 and a 1.1 of Dragonball. btw even if a game is already dumped - a confirmation by a redump is much appreciated! So please dump everything you have access to if it does not make any problems. Is Punch Out the cart with Mr. Dream instead of Tyson maybe?
  15. Just for the case this hasn't made the round to you yet: You know that there are sometimes several versions of game-dumps like 1.1 1.2 etc. Most Nintendo-systems have internal version-numbering. NES doesn't unfortunately. On the cart label there is a 2-digit number "pressed" in it. Only visible when holding it in the light. For console-systems it's on the backlabel (N64, SNES + NES), for handhelds on the front. Now if this number is folowed my an A it is a v1.1 - B means 1.2 and so on. Examples: 20=v1.0 20A=v1.1 20B=v1.2 I'm posting this for the reason that I would like to get rid of the strange codes for NES-renaming (PRG1, CHR2 etc.) and use real version numbering. For example we have "Operation Wolf (E) (PRG0 CHR1)". It is the same crc as the rom you dumped. Can you please tell me the code for this cart so I know which version it is? And maybe you can always add this code to the dump-info for each game? Thank you! I know for example that Super Mario Bros PAL has an 1.1 version (I own a cart with XXA and a friend too) Mega man 3 PAL has 2 different versions too. One 1.0 with a faulty boss fight an a 1.1 which is probably fixed. And a lot of others. So it seems nessecary to check the codes to avoid later confusion. Btw if anyone is willing to check his snes/N64 or gb/gbc collection for versions that are not dumped yet and is willing to lend his cart feel free to post. For example we need: N64: Turok 2 (U) (v1.1) Castlevania (U) (v1.1) Mortal Kombat Trilogy (U) (v1.1) Star Wars - Rogue Squadron (U) (v1.1) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (U) (v1.1) Mario kart v1.2 (E)? Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil V1.1 (E) Waverace v1.1 (E) (Player's Choice version?) snes: possibly Terranigma (F) 1.1 Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest (E) (M2) (v1.0) (french-english version) Sensible Soccer - International Edition (E) (v1.0) - maybe exists? and also a few jap. missing versions. but if you find ANY cart that you suspect is not dumped even if it is not listed (we don't know exactly what exists of course) please post! Thank you!
  16. Maniac not arrived yet? Well just an update: Millionaire and supposedly all(?) other Sachen games have been dumped now by Mad Dumper and were at least partially released on cah4e3's hp but it's down atm so I can't tell you more. However there are more unl carts that need dumping - even rarer than Sachen
  17. I hope the dumping-attemp did not destroy the french cart if such a thing can happen (I don't assume this but I'm not familiar with this)
  18. Strange case. Does my cart work at least? I did not test it before shipping.
  19. I heared of non-working NES-carts several times from different people. In most cases contact cleaner solved the issue. Seems NES games are affected by dirty contacts pretty often. Maybe worth a try if you didn't test this already.
  20. This is generally good but also pretty sad news. Does the Maniac Mansion cart work when trying it out in a NES?
  21. Well these games are asian releases. And because they are unlicensed Nintendo did not give out an official serial-code that identifies the country But you can find them on etc. usually for instance if I'm not mistaken. Some Sachen games were also released in the USA under a different name and by other companies. Galactic Crusader is the US-release of Papillon/Honey (released under Joy Van I think). It is a bit difficult to sort these all out. I'll try my best soon!
  22. BigFred

    [fr]Nouvelles aquisitions

    Great but you have done a mistake: Duck Tales 2 (G) exists but you are going for 1. Duck Tales 1 does not exists as a (G)-version to my knowledge. It is probably just a spelling mistake in your list but the result is that you are hunting for the wrong game. Please fix - and good work of course
  23. There are several undumped games developed by "Thin Chen Enterprises" aka "Sachen" or "Joy Van". Always the same company. There is a general misunderstanding of the term "unlicensed" game. I were confused by this too and made the mistake to mix them up with pirates not long ago. But in a discussion I realized I did a mistake here. Explanation: Unlicensed game: Usually a company that wants to develop for a specific system buys a license. But this license is not paid for the right to develop and release games for the system as I was told. It is for the right to use the cart/media-technology (in this case NES-cartridges) of the system. If you don't pay the license you have to produce your own cart-technology and use this. This is NOT illegal. All games by companies like Camerica, Codemasters, HES, Wisdom Tree, Sachen and so on are therefore legal games like any other. You could buy them in shops like all other games too. They are unique pieces of software developed from scratch and the only difference between a licensed game and an unlicensed one is the shape of the cart/style of the box etc. Unl games are listed everywhere on gamefaqs, digitpress etc. because they are absolutely normal games. The only reason finding infos about the Sachen games is hard is the fact they are taiwanese developers and we don't have good access to games from there. Pirates: Pirates are illegal software. The definition of a pirate is a game that breaks the copyright law. They usually rip code or graphics from other games. There is a different sort of pirates that usually are refered to as "pirate originals". These are games that are build from scratch without using data from other games. But they are based on a license the developer does not own. Like Disney licenses/characters/names. Games like Super Lion King 3, Donkey Kong 99, Harry Potter X would fit into this category or illegal game-conversions. All cheat-devices (AR, Codebreaker) are unlicensed btw. - but they are sold everywhere. It's the same. Millionaire is therefore a legal game like any other. Just not so well-known.
  24. How would be the idea that he sends you the "good" one so you can start dumping some things and he keeps the corrupted one and tries to fix it in the meantime?
  25. Another undumped cart: There exists a third version of F-15 Strike Eagle. One of the undumped carts is dutch-french-english and the other finnish-danish-swedish. This would mean that far more common languages like italian, spanish and german would be missing. On a site called emuita there is a list with serials of several italian NES-carts. Among these F-15 with the serial NES-8F-ITA/ITA which means this cart contains italian. I assume it's Multi3 with ger-spa-ita which would be most logical. *edit* Yet another one: There obviously exists a german edition of Duck Tales 2 too with the serial NES-DL-NOE/FRG
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