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Tout ce qui a été posté par clebers

  1. I wait dump for Millionaire Good Luck friend
  2. Which the ROMs alternative (pirates, conversions and hacks) that you they indicate (with link or site for download) of the NES? I am looking different ROMs, interesting pirates or conversions for this console. Ex: The King of Fighter, Donkey Kong and etc, everything how much it is strange game for NES I am looking for See ya friends.
  3. I go to look this cartridge here in Brazil and if I to find I go to buy. I could order this for you in France? I would make a donation so that he was possible to have a ROM of this game.
  4. this rom is impossible ? :/ helllllllp thanks friends Please, add the dump of Millionaire cartrige in the Please :D
  5. Amis d'Olá, Ils pardonnent mon mauvais français. Je veux trouver le jeu de millionnaire (NES), débiteur pour l'aide de vocês, mais je continue toujours de rechercher. La cartouche n'était toujours pas dumpé mais je veux ce jeu très. il continue de rechercher ;)
  6. Hello friends, My name is cleber, I am from Brazil and it would like a help. I am seeking a ROM of NES, the name of the ROM it is Millionaire. I don't get to find this ROM. Does anybody know where he/she has this ROM for download? Thank you very much.
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