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Enthousiasmés par notre dernier petit succès, nous avons décidé de dynamiser encore plus les choses. De ce fait nous voulons en profiter pour dumper les jeux que nous maitrisons (UNROM, MMC1 partiellement).

Manque de chance, tous les jeux en notre possession et nécessitant d'être dumpés sont de type MMC3. Nous ne sommes pas prêts à encore perdre du temps avant de donner plus de résultats.

Du coup nous avons procédé à l'aquisition de nouvelles cartouches; certaines en double pour nous permettre de les désosser et d'éventuellement comparer les dumps :

- Addams Family (E)

- Duck Tales 2 (F)

- High Speed (E)

- Monopoly (F)

Nous sommes également sur une piste pour obtenir les jeux suivants (sous réserve de confirmation) :

- Duck Tales (G)

- Shadowgate (G)

Pensez à consulter la liste des dumps pour avoir un ordre d'idée.

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Great but you have done a mistake:

Duck Tales 2 (G) exists but you are going for 1. Duck Tales 1 does not exists as a (G)-version to my knowledge. It is probably just a spelling mistake in your list but the result is that you are hunting for the wrong game. Please fix - and good work of course <_<

I received it 2 days ago and yes you are right, it's not a (G) version. It's strange because you (or maybe somebody else i'm not sure) let on this forum the serial number. Maybe it was the Duck Tales 2 ?

I have a question however : the serial of the cart i just received is NES-UK-NOE. Julio from the team also own the game but with a different serial (finishing by FRA). The cover is slightly different.

Also, there is a "EUROPA VERSION" on the first cart. Is it usual ?

Et y'a pas un petit paypal pour faire une donation ? J'ai pas encore bien fouille le site :gerbe:

Y'a un lien vers paypal sur le site d'ENES mais te sens pas obligé de nous filer des sous ^^ achète-toi plutôt mario kart avec :gerbe:

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Depending on the country the final 3-letter code varies. Normally the dumps are still identical. If a game is translated it has an additional /FRA /FRG etc. Swords & Serpents seems to be a strange exception though (the only one I know so far). Or does the package have a different serial somewhere than the cart (happens sometimes)?

Duck Tales was me and I meant Part 2 as written above too. Duck Tales 1 is not translated in any other language. See post 34 here:

Duck Tales 2 seems to be a lot rarer btw for some reason :class: Too bad this "wrong" purchase because of a tiny number :(

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I misread in this case. I'll try to check for difference on the title screen however, just in case :class:

So i need to add Duck Tales 2 (G) to the undumped list is that right ? (i prefer a confirmation for this time ;D )

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The list can be fixed in the following way:


Duck Tales 2 (G) NES-DL-NOE/FRG

Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (PAL) (Eng-Fre-ger) (Unl) - image attached

Prince of Persia (S) NES-PA-ESP/ESP

Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (F) - not confirmed but it is very likely to be translated. Add a "?" to this


Jungle Book, The (S) - no translated version exists to my knowledge

Millionaire (Unl) - dumped by Mad Dumper recently

Pizza Panic - never released. Only the japanese version Pizza Pop exists

Rey Leon, El (S) - also not translated to my knowledge

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 2: The Arcade Game (E) - dumped (by merp?)

you don't have to deal with Sachen releases anyway - Mad Dumper seems to be able to gather them all (some missing dumps will be released soon):


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Mad Dumper has a website ? Because i'd like to follow his work in order not to loose our time finding and buying dumped games. He surely owns a CopyNES no ?

For the Robin Hood, i'll tell you soon because i found it on eBay. I'll fix the list.

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I have no info about "The Mad Dumper". But all his dumps will be posted on cah4e3's (russian dumper - grab his nice new FCEUltra-builds to play the Sachen-dumps) page for sure. He's pretty much working in the background and has dumped some Sachen games and other hard to find stuff before. I don't assume he deals with PAL-games so don't worry.

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I didn't know there was a PAL-plug thru of this one. It would be undumped though probably even a different rom-image then the one I showed you. It says Codemasters so it is probably the multi3-version too.


The box on NESworld looks like the one above but I'm not sure after reading the text of which version the plug-cart contains. Possibly undumped but I'm not sure if multi3

*edit again*

There is no dump of this in goodnes - it is undumped.

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