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Après le beau bordel autour du dump de Progear, j'ai réussi à trouver de qui était issue la rom qui circule. On la doit a un certain Annon, dont l'opinion concernant Haze et Guru est toute faite, jugez plutôt:

Here are the Progear SIMMs I decided to dumped myself after the total farce Haze / Guru and co pulled in trying to force people to release things. You guys should not go around saying you have stuff you don't and then try to cover your lies with even more lies, the consensus was very clear on irc that you had it dumped and would only release after RAZ released the XORs. For Guru to say he sold on the PCB before dumping clearly shows unethical practices by members of the MAMEdev. Guru never had it anyway, it was a clear lie and he made this excuse up as a cover up for the previous lie of saying he had the board.

You and your sheep are total assholes. My god why can't you even admit your scam publicaly is it that big a deal, its clear you hate Raz anyways so whats the big deal?

These releases are for those who are pissed off with HAZE / GURU for lying.... If you happen to believe these people then fuck off, your sheep also.

Leave this readme unedited and included with these dumps and I will probably do more CPS2 SIMMs at some point in the future.


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perso je comprend pas l'importance de sortir le dump apres les x-or (jsuis pas ultra verser dans l'emu arcade,je connait pas l'interet des x-or sorry)

mais franchement ce gars la a raison ,guru se prend pour une star et sur ce oup la ils ont vraiment abuser avec cette histoire a deux balles (par contre il aurait put etre moins vulgaire :) (et c'est moi qui dit sa :lol: ))

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Alors pour faire simple, les X-or (ou table de décryptage) sont des principes de décryptages assez basiques. Seulement chaque rom a sa propre logique de cryptage vraisemblablement et il faut la trouver

Sans table de décryptage, le jeu ne peut tout simplement pas tourner mais à l'inverse, savoir comment décrypter le jeu sans la rom est tout aussi inutile

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  • 2 weeks later...

Les feux de l'émulation continue un nouvel épisode : vas y que je t'envoie des cailloux sur la tête par news interposée.

Source :

To HAZE, about CPS2 driver.

If you were to take time and read the included changes.txt and follow the advice of where the changes made can be confirmed you will see the changes in the driver (below) are accurate. The fact that you are willing to allow _known_ incorrect information to remain in the driver just shows that you are not the best person to decide what goes in or stays out of MAME because you are letting your own personal opinions affect that accuracy on the MAME project as a whole. How many CPS2 games have you seen? I personally have seen well over 100 and while DEVs may not like that I will not provide tables to help break the encryption of CPS2 at this time (because there is a 2004 game on the system) I am sure all agree that I have never given inaccurate info when it comes to data I submit to the MAMEdev.

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La suite sur le site de Haze ;)

Cps2 Rejection .. Cps2 update wasn't included quite simply because i'm sick of hearing about it. After about 7-8 submissions of one person claiming one thing based on their boards, and another person another based on theirs I stopped caring too much and put the driver on freeze until somebody has some actual useful contribution (such as decryption) instead of nitpicking over minor text details which it probably change between boards when there are far larger errors in the driver (the entire decryption method). I have better things to do with my time and am more inclined in this case to stick with internal submissions from MameDev members than external ones.

The NeoGeo frequencies will however be changed, that was an oversight when adding the new bios

For the Sega Hang-On hardware games you'll need the zoom table rom from Enduro Racer in the sets or the sprites will be corrupt, Mame will not warn you about this as the said rom is currently marked as NO_DUMP in the driver

Since Raz wants to play it this way... Raz- This is between you and Guru, NOT me, convince Guru, who has a pile of boards, that your changes are correct, not me, I listen to other members of the dev team, and if you're so fussy over 'known incorrect' information being in the driver I may as well rip the whole XOR thing out because its 100% inaccurate. As stated the reason I froze the driver is because I'm sick of hearing about the whole thing, and really quite inclined just to trash it as its the source of so much controversy, creating further arguments involving me does not help the issue.

There is a fairly normal verification process for external submissions, Guru is in charge of verifying any changes made to board information in the source as the majority of this information was supplied by him. Many submissions of various types have failed to get past the verification stage, nobody gets any kind of special treatment in this regard.

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Please do not make out that you are just piggy in the middle here, you have made it perfectly clear on IRC that you are being picky simply because the updates are from me. As to guru motives to say my updates are incorrect, I can only speculate but please remember two points. It was guru who said he measured the NeoGeo screen refresh at 60hz. Also lets remember his lies on the progear situation. This is going off topic but if you want to play Mr duality in what you put on your web page and what comes out of your mouth on IRC thats fine.

What I'm going to do here now is provide more details on why the changes I submitted are correct so even the average emulation user can confirm it, and to show you and guru are simply being silly and as a result are putting MAME accuracy into question. Remember many of these changes are are not even related to Gurus information (though some are). If you really want to remove all CPS-2 information from MAME then fine, it just again shows your intent to try and discount everything I provide. You have done it since 2001 from various lies about me and CPS2shock to getting yourself set as a MOD on CPS2 forums just to close them. Hating me is fine but don't let the MAME project suffer as a result of your feelings.

"Et ça continue, encore et encore,

C'est que le début, d'accord d'accord"

Comme dirait Francis ! :lol:

Blague à part, Razoola démontre sur son site point par point pourquoi les modifications qu'il propose sont nécessaires... Intéressant à lire. Mais par contre, c'est vraiment indécent cette joute par news interposées... ^^

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Vous pensiez que c'était fini? Et bien non! Haze réplique sur son site

Which part of "I'm sick of hearing about CPS2 and the driver" don't certain people understand?

Let me repeat again, there is a normal verification process, Gurus readme was changed, he didn't accept the changes in his update, so the updates made weren't included. Publically insulting me and other devs isn't going to change that, you are an external submitter, a general member of the public, your submissions go through a verification process with whoever is in charge of the part in question. Simple.

Your changes are certainly not the only ones to be rejected / weren't verified in time for u3. I don't see anybody else making a huge public fuss over things. You're not paying us, yet you're giving us orders like you were while making a nice little profit out of selling Capcom's material yourself?

I really can't believe such a fuss is being made over some rejected text changes, this is somewhere between ridiculous and absurd as are the accusations from somebody who is known to have lied over and over again.

I'm quite frankly bored to death of this and would rather get on with making changes which actually do matter.

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