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Sealed collecting is good for museum purpose, for History.

But as we now have digital copy, not playing the original game if we have it is just a nonsense for me: even if we keep sealed games securely, they won't stand for the eternity. So why waste them? Buy games we don't play?

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I'm not that kind of collector-guy neither. A game is made to be played, if I buy a game, it's to open it and put it in my CD/DVD player

As already said above, even optical discs are not unalterable and will eventually become unreadable and useless (but you won't even notice it if you don't open the blister ;) )

I can in some ways understand the collectible-thing to have a kickass game in a very rare version and put it in the middle of a collection but in my opinion it's frustrating to have some and not be able to open its plastic sleeve!

Therefore, I have a game collection I'm proud of (including an ABSOLUTELY complete Heroes of Might and Magic collection with every episode including some of the most rare versions for some of them) but they are "blister-free" :D

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Games are made to be played, as books are made to be read and records are made to be played. Keeping something without using it, without enjoying it, just for the sake of owning it, is nonsense to me.

It reminds me of those people buying very expensive musical instruments (such as electric guitars once played by famous, often dead, musicians) or priceless paintings by renowned painters and stashing them away in safes or vaults. What the bloody hell is the use of that ???

So I cruise unsealed myself. :D

As for the money value, I just don't buy things like games or records with "investment" in mind. I guess I'm just not the commercial type. ;)

I buy games to play them. Period.

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